Xenpark Modules

XENPAK is a Multisource Agreement (MSA), that defines a fiber-optic or wired transceiver module. XENPAK is easy to use and can take the 10G Ethernet optical ports function. As an professional manufacturer and provider of XENPAK transceiver modules, All of our XENPAK transceiver modules are tested in-house prior to shipping to guarantee that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. Meanwhile, we can OEM the XENPAK Transceiver Modules for the customers who have this kind of request.

Part Number
29743 10GBASE-SR SC Duplex 850nm 300m with 0 - 70
29746 10GBASE-LR SC Duplex 1310nm 10km with 0 - 70
29747 10GBASE-ER SC Duplex 1550nm 40km with 0 - 70
29748 10GBASE-ZR SC Duplex 1550nm 80km with 0 - 70
29754 10G CWDM SC Duplex 1470nm-1610nm 80km with 0 - 70
29755 10G CWDM SC Duplex 1470nm-1610nm 40km with 0 - 70
29756 10G DWDM SC Duplex 1528.77nm-1563.86nm 40km with 0 - 70
29762 10G DWDM SC Duplex 1528.77nm-1563.86nm 80km with 0 - 70
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