X2 Transceiver Module

X2 Transceiver is a hot pluggable in the Z-direction module that is usable in typical router line card applications, Storage, IP network and LAN and compliant to X2 MSA. The X2 transceiver is a fully integrated 10.3Gbit/s optical transceiver module that consists of a 10.3Gbit/s optical transmitter and receiver, XAUI interface, Mux and Demux with clock and data recovery(CDR). X2 transceiver is the 10G fiber transceiver, its development was based on former Xenpak standards, X2 10gb transceiver inner function is almost similar with Xenpak, and X2 also can use one transceiver to fulfill all 10G Ethernet optical port function. 
As an professional manufacturer & provider of X2 transceivers, All of our X2 transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to guarantee that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. We guarantee our X2 transceivers to work in your system and all of our transceivers come with a lifetime advance replacement warranty. Meanwhile, we can OEM the X2 Transceiver Modules for the customers who have this kind of request, then you will receive the X2 Transceiver Module with your company logo on the label.

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