WDM XFP Modules

WDM XFP module enables higher slot densities and greater bandwidth, and transmits and receives optical data over single fiber for link length of 10km up to 80km transmission on single-mode fiber. We provide WDM XFP modules with excellent quality and reasonable price. All are tested before shipment to guarantee 100% compatibility with the major brand.

Part Number
11739 10G CWDM LC Duplex 1270nm-1330nm 20km with 0-70
30528 10G CWDM LC Duplex 1270nm-1330nm 40km with 0-70
45776 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1528.77nm 40km with 0-70
45777 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1529.55nm 40km with 0-70
45778 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1530.33nm 40km with 0-70
45779 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1531.12nm 40km with 0-70
45780 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1531.90nm 40km with 0-70
45781 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1532.68nm 40km with 0-70
45782 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1533.47nm 40km with 0-70
45783 10G DWDM LC Duplex 1534.25nm 40km with 0-70
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