CWDM & DWDM Transceiver

CWDM & DWDM Transceivers are used as a part of CWDM or DWDM optical network to provide high-capacity bandwidth across an optical fiber network. The CWDM/DWDM transceiver modules are designed to be compatible with existing technologies those already deployed in the field, interworking with SDH/SONET.  We supply 1.25G, 2.5G, 4G and 10G bit rate CWDM & DWDM transceiver modules to enable use of CWDM/DWDM solutions for uncontrolled environment applications.

CWDM transceivers can operate on 9/125μm single-mode fiber to 40km or 80km by using special CWDM channels (1270nm to 1610nm, in steps of 20nm).

DWDM transceivers can supports a link length of up to 40km or 80km on single-mode fiber by using special DWDM channels (100GHz ITU Grid CH17 to CH61).

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