Three Ways Fiber Optic Transceivers Promote Data Center

Date Submission: January 29, 2016 By Admin

The data center is one of the most critical and dynamic operations in any business. As companies produce, collect, analyze and store more data, IT infrastructures need to grow as well to keep up with the demand. With all the data processing and transmission, it is only critical that every design ...

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How to Test a Fiber Transceiver

Date Submission: January 10, 2016 By Admin

When optical transceiver was first deployed, verifying the performance of it was straightforward. The entire network was installed and owned by a single company, and if the system worked, extensive testing of the subcomponents was unnecessary. Today, however, most optical networks use components tha...

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Basic Information About Fiber Optic Transceiver

Date Submission: December 30, 2015 By Admin

Optical fiber transceivers are also called fiber optic transmitter and receiver, which are used to send and receive optical information in a variety of different applications. The role of the optical module is photoelectric conversion. These optical modules are scalable and flexible in their use, an...

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Application of Fiber Optic Transceiver in Fiber-optic Communication

Date Submission: December 18, 2015 By Admin

Data transmission distance primarily governs the choice of fiber optic transceiver type and optical fiber. When working with distances up to 2 km, use multimode optical-fiber cable. Singlemode optical-fiber cable, however, is more bandwidth-intensive and has less potential for modal dispersion an...

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Date Submission: December 9, 2015 By Admin

Fiber optic transceivers are key components of fiber optic transmission network. They are designed in small form-factor with some integrated optical sub-assemblies which can be suitable for high-density network. The major cost components of a transceiver module are the transmitter optical sub-ass...

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Tips of Installing Allied Telesyn SFP Module

Date Submission: December 3, 2015 By

AT-SPSX Overview The Allied Telesis AT-SPSX SFP is a hot pluggable 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver module. It is capable of reaching a maximum operating distance of up to 500 m and transmits using an 850 nm wavelength. The AT-SPSX SFP uses a fiber optic cable with LC connectors. The AT-SPSX SFP t...

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Diagnostic Monitoring Interface Avago SFP Transceiver

Date Submission: November 27, 2015 By Admin

The present application note describes Avago’s SFP transceiver implementation of an enhanced digital diagnostic interface, compliant to the “Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface for Optical Transceivers” SFF-8472 Multi-Source Agreement (MSA.) The document also outlines the ra...

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Fiber Optic Cabling Connectivity Options for 40Gbps Infrastructure

Date Submission: November 20, 2015 By Admin

High speed and wide bandwidth demands drive data centers to consolidate into more complex systems. The speed of data center now is increasing to 40 Gbps and eventually to 100 Gbps. Thus, new optical technologies and cabling infrastructure are required. In this post, I will introduce some comm...

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10GBASE-T Will Be the Best Option for 10GbE Data Center Cabling

Date Submission: November 12, 2015 By Admin

Over the last decade, large enterprises have been migrating data center infrastructures from 100MB Ethernet to 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to support high-bandwidth, mission critical applications. However, many mid-market companies found themselves restricted from this migration to 10GbE tech...

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SFP Plus Testing - TWDPc Measurement

Date Submission: November 5, 2015 By Admin

SFP+ transceiver is widely deployed in applications and becomes much more pervasive due to its smaller form factor, less power consumption and its increased port density compared with XFP transceiver. Each SFP+ transceiver houses an optical receiver and transmitter. One end of the transceiver is ...

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